US Embassy Delegation Visit To APS

Last Friday (September 17, 2021) the new US Embassy Political Officer to North Macedonia, Mr. Jarek Buss visited the APS Skopje office and had the opportunity to meet the management of APS Group and learn about the enterprise and the services bringing together highly educated talent and US businesses.

APS CEO Mr. Noam Yahav shared with the delegation the company’s current and future projects, highlighting the collaboration and partnerships between the US and North Macedonia. He also discussed with Mr. Buss the business contribution of the group to the development of the local economy by giving birth to career-growth opportunities to Macedonian talent.

At the meeting, Mr. Yahav announced the opening of APS MNE and the onset of the first of its kind cybersecurity academy APS Cyber, nurturing Macedonian professionals into cybersecurity experts.

APS Group CEO Meets With AMCHAM

APS Group CEO, Mr. Noam Yahav hosted AmCham’s Executive Director Ms. Jelena Arsovska in the APS MC Skopje office, where they discussed about strengthening the collaboration, and the soon-to-be-opened APS Cyber Academy. The discussion focused on the existing cybersecurity trends, as well as the business and career growth opportunities in this sector.

Mr. Yahav alongside APS Cyber CTO Mr. Kobrovsky spoke about APS Cyber Academy as a win-win opportunity nurturing Macedonian highly educated professionals into Cybersecurity experts who would initially cater to US SMEs and later worldwide. Thus, bringing North Macedonia at the forefront as a gamechanger to the 3 million global shortage of cyber security experts.

APS Meeting With MASIT

In mid-September APS Group CEO, Mr. Noam Yahav accompanied by APS Cyber CTO Hillel Kobrovsky visited MASIT (The Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies in N.Macedonia) and had a discussion with MASIT’s Executive Director, Ms. Anita Nikova about one of the APS MC services, cybersecurity.

Announcing the opening of the first-of-its-kind APS Cyber Academy, Mr. Yahav elaborated not just about the current trends in the cybersecurity sector but also the existing business market opportunities which can be utilized by Macedonian talent. The Cyber Academy is a training program solely focusing on equipping and nurturing local talent into Cyber Security Experts. The current shortage of 3 million cybersecurity experts gives an opportunity for agile tech lovers as APS management to address the challenge in the best possible manner for workforce development, firstly tailored to cater to the USA SMEs and then globally.

The APS Cyber Academy is envisaged to establish the pillars of the first cybersecurity community and ecosystem in the country. Its start is scheduled for 2022.