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Backoffice Services

As your productivity increases, so will your client base and the need to respond to their every concern. Our administration teams will provide you the following services:

Back Office & Administration

Our back-office executives will provide reliable support to your management and Front Office team. They will perform:

  • Gathering, analyzing, and processing data
  • Market research
  • Background checks
  • Record maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Assistance and support to the management

The Back Office team by APS will work behind the scenes to ensure smooth running of your company.

Document Control Administrators

The Document Control Administrators are the ones responsible for maintaining documentation templates and file structure, updating documents and procedures in the DOC control system.

Our experts in the field will administer document processes and systems to ensure control and availability of documentation to personnel and:

  • Prepare electronic document templates, scan documents, update procedures, and create documents as required
  • Maintain security of documentation templates and files
  • Ensure all documents are organized and accessible
  • Interact with ERP system to generate daily production requirements
  • Ensure all technical documents, reports, drawings/blueprints are updated and registered in the system

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