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Why is it so Important to have an Agile Partner as your European Offshore Staffing Provider?

To be agile in the working world is to be able to adapt to the rapid changes in the physical and digital marketplace

Your outsourcing provider needs to be fast and flexible, put your customers’ needs first, and keep your profit margins in the green.This process replaces the older style of a more linear way of work, with frequent improvements implemented as they are discovered. Coupling with cooperative collaboration with the company heads, an agile partner is going to be the most helpful in growing and maintaining your business.

Your team will be most successful when they take the time to understand what a disciplined agile process looks like. Applying discipline and flexibility in a transparent and reliable way is truly an art mastered only through hard work and dedication. In using this process correctly, your partner will be able to simplify any overly complex structures within your business and guide your other employees to adapting the agile mindset needed to progress. The culture surrounding this process is best delivered when the company understands the changing dynamics within it. The entire process operates in a circular style – first with collaborative teamwork, followed by continuous improvements, rapid and flexible responses to change, and ending with enhancements to customer satisfaction before going back to teamwork.

For example, say you had a series of complaints from customers revolving around a specific product provided. To handle this in an agile way you would start by meeting with your team and discussing the different avenues that need to be taken across the board: recalling the items, reimbursing the customers, testing the items to develop improvements, etc. Once decisions are made and a direction is selected it is up to the individual team members to then work with one another and/or on their own to implement these ideas. While at work, an agile employee will self-outline and continuously improve their own methods in order to create the end result required for the business (in this case, better products and happy customers).

With new discoveries made during the process of correcting this suggested scenario, it’s not uncommon to unearth more issues that weren’t expected. This is where the quick and flexible responses of your outsourced team come into play. It’s important for everyone to be able to think on their feet and come up to solutions to these issues without the need of direct supervisions. Finally, the process ends with a satisfaction check with the customer – YOU! If you’re not happy with an aspect of changes implemented, it is within your power to guide your teammates as needed for the best result.

In contrast, a ‘waterfall’ system partner is far more linear in their methods. Using the same scenario as before, a waterfall worker may start the process in a similar fashion (aka, discussing it with the rest of the team), but they will overall take the path of least resistance. This means that if a separate problem comes across during the process it is less likely to be addressed.

In the end, the business that takes too long to enact sufficient, reliable changes to their work is the business that closes. You do not need someone that only cares enough to implement the bare minimum effort to a project – you need a team member willing to put their all into making your company a success. You need decisions made, actions taken, and solutions implemented at a pace that keeps you and your clients happy. You can have all these needs met and so much more with an outsourced team from Agile Pro Solutions.